April 18

Zoomy Digital Microscope, Deconstruction and Fair Winners


In the Learning Commons we shared a great story about the changing seasons called ‘And Then It’s Spring’ by Julie Fogliano. We examined some signs of spring with our cool Zoomy Digital Microscope and took a close look at the dandelions growing in the playground. We examined roots, pollen and petals of a variety of spring plants.


We also started to deconstruct an old CD/Cassette player to see if we could get a better understanding of how it worked. Our plan is to use the parts we salvage to design a knight’s suit of armour. We learned that different shapes of screwdrivers have special names and we soon figured out that those screws can be tricky to take out. We used team work to just about open the case and peek inside. We problem solved what went well with the activity and what didn’t go so well. To be continued…


And what a fun time we all had at the Book Fair! There were lots of great books and we were able to choose many to add to our library collection. Here’s a few of the new titles. We also raised some funds to support Learning Commons initiatives as well as order additional titles. And, 25 book prizes were awarded.  Yahoo!

Next week we will be starting our ‘Stuff the Learning Commons’ activity. Let’s see if we can stuff the LC with warm fuzzies! Students are invited bring in a plush toy to display in the library. We will have the toys at school for about 2 weeks. Please label with masking tape with student name and division. No sentimental favourites just in case! (And we don’t really have space for the fair ground style giant stuffies) This activity helps students create ownership of the space and students will be creating videos with the toys.

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November 8

Celebrating Books and Terrific Student Leaders

Yahoo! What a wonderful week we had in the Learning Commons. It was super to see so many families visiting the LC and helping to get their children excited about reading. Thank you very much to all those that came by to help support our fair. I was so excited to see students recommend new titles. All the books that students suggested were purchased for our library.
Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 5.20.50 PM
Students learned so much about organizing equitable schedules, customer service, counting out money and making change – so much math! Students were responsible for arriving on time (sometimes early in the morning), tidying the fair, greeting visitors, helping younger students, assisting parents in finding books from the flyers, dressing Clifford and ensuring the wearer had guides and sign holders. I was so impressed with the commitment of our students. The more work and responsibility they were given, the happier they seemed. Well done! Check out our video…

60 seconds of Book Fair Fun from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

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October 31

Wimpy Winners, Text Features, D.E.A.R.

Check out all of these Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans. There were 18 lucky winners of a Wimpy book. Did you know we also have 14 copies of the Wimpy Kid books in our Learning Commons?


Our whole school participated in Drop Everything And Read. We joined schools from around B.C. and across Canada by reading all at the same time.


Students in Division 9 are learning about Text Features in class. In the Learning Commons we began to experiment with PicCollage App as a tool to demonstrate our learning. This week students explored some of the features of the app to see how it might be used show what they have learned. They blogged their creations:


Std Blog1 Std Blog2

Kindergarten students used the iPads to show their learning about pumpkins, skeletons and bats. They worked together to problem solve how to use the Doodle Buddy app. Students celebrated their accomplishments by using the appleTV to display their work to the class. Well done!


And finally, we have a big week coming up. The Book Fair will be held in the Learning Commons November 3 – 7. The fair is open before school for adults and their children and after school for everyone to come and browse. All students will also have the opportunity to have a look around the fair during regularly scheduled  classes.

Students who are interested in reading the books in the fair, but who do not wish to make a purchase are welcome to suggest titles for us to add to our Vanier collection. We will happily consider appropriate suggestions of novels or picture books for purchase.


book fair ad


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October 11

Geronimo Stilton Contest, Hallway Creativity

Students have been taking full advantage of the great new books available in the Learning Commons. More arriving regularly. Check out these Vanier LC Numbers.

Yahoo! Another Learning Commons contest. Students in Grade three are invited to enter the draw to win one of 31 Geronimo Stilton books.
Vanier students and staff have been showing off their creative talents and making our hallways beautiful with some wonderful bulletin boards:

Georges Vanier Elementary Hallway Displays. Oct ’14 from crosland_a
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October 24

Book Fair, D.E.A.R, Diwali, Pirates

funwith20geronimo-1Join us for the Book Fair before and after school October 28th to November 1st. Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R) after lunch on October 28th.


Halloween is on the 31st-watch for pirates in the Learning Commons and Diwali this weekend. Lots of fun!

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September 20

We are off…

It has been a great week in the Learning Commons. The Harry Potter fans picked up their prizes and congratulations go to Meia who won the grand prize. We celebrated past Reader’s Clubs with a Readers T-Shirt Day. Students who had participated in ‘Natural Disasters’, ‘Fantastic Foxes’ or ‘Geronimo Stilton Club’ wore their hand-painted shirts.
We began our student blogs. Student experts helped new bloggers learn to use Kidblogs.

Did you know students from all over the world celebrate International Dot Day? The event is inspired by the book ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds which encourages students to create, explore and feel proud of their accomplishments. For more information on Dot Day visit http://www.thedotclub.org/dotday/

See a 15 second video of our Dot Day 3D creations. https://vimeo.com/74655090

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.28.53 PM

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September 8

Harry Potter Contest

Our first Learning Commons Contest is off to a great start. Intermediate students are seeing just how much Harry Potter Trivia they know by answering multiple choice questions on the popular books. Students have a chance to win one of 27 Potter books and the grand prize from a random draw will be for a complete hard cover set of the novels. See Ms. Crosland for a ballot.image

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September 28

Settings and Titles

 Lots of students entered the library contest in September. The task was to match the title of the book with the setting. Everyone knew that Number 4 Privet Drive was from ‘Harry Potter’ but others were more tricky. Did you know that ‘The Nine Lives of Travis Keating’ was set in Newfoundland or that ‘Follow the Elephant’ was set in India? Everyone who entered and showed that they had made an effort won a book prize! Congratulations to all of the winners.

Next contest will be held during the book fair coming up at the end of October.