November 21

Early Novels for Beginning Readers

Early novels vary widely in not only the reading level but also in the presentation. For newer readers, many books described as early chapter books can be an intimidating challenge. Here’s a selection of high interest, lower vocabulary ‘Chapter Book’ series for new readers.

Criteria for inclusion in this list includes profuse illustrations that match the text, lower vocabulary, clear font, larger print size wide wide spaced lines and words, multiple paragraphs, shorter chapters, engaging covers and a high interest story. There are, of course, lots of others, but these are some favourites in the Vanier LC.

Ella and Owen by Jaden Kent   2017

Galaxy Zack by Ray O’Ryan 2013

Captain Awesome by Stan Kirby 2012

Jim Nasium by Marty McKnight 2017

Greetings from Somewhere by Harper Paris 2015

The Adventures of Sophie Mouse by Poppy Green 2017

The Kingdom of Wrenly by Jordan Quinn 2017 – (slightly fancy font)

The Whodunit Detective Agency by Martin Widmark 2014

Mouse Scouts by Sarah Dillard 2016 (includes non-fiction information that appears to be at a slightly higher reading level)

The Haunted Library by Dori Butler 2104

For students that are almost ready to move from early chapter books to novels, the Branches books by Scholastic is described as a great transitional series. These are nicely presented and attractive to students but are more challenging for the early reader.

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