September 20

Indigenous Resources and #SSPBOY Book Pairings

A selection of book pairings, combining Indigenous resources with the Surrey School’s Picture Books of the Year as well as an extension title.

Gifts from the Trees:See also Solomon’s Tree – Spalding, Trees – Lemniscates, If You Hold a Seed – MacKay, Our Tree Named Steve – Zwiebel, Giving Tree – Silverstein


See also The Name Jar – Choi, Granny and I Get Traditional Names – Aleck, My Name is Yoon – Recordist, Sarabelya’s Thinking Cap – Schachner

Power of Real Friendship / Social Media

See also Goodnight Selfie – Menchin, Tood’s TV – Proimos, Doug Unplugged – Yaccarino, Nerdy Birdie Tweets – Reynolds, My Two Blankets – Kobold

Facing Fears / Discovering Inner Strengths

See also: The Elephant who was Scared – Elliot, Little Mouse’s Big Book Of Fears -Gravett, Super Manny Stands Up – Dipucchio, Strong is the New Pretty – Parker

Being Inspired

She Persisted -Clinton, Rad Women Worldwide -Schmaltz, Come With Me-McGee, Jars of Hope – Roy,

Respect for the Earth

I am Canada: A Celebration, If Sharks Disappeared – Williams, Owl Bat Bat Owl – Fitzpatrick, The Salmon Run – Gauthier

Sharing Our World

Salmon Run -Gauthier, Discover the Animals -Simeon, Peace Dancer -Vickers

Learning to Soar / Embracing Who You Are

Owl Bat Bat Owl – Fitzpatrick, I Like Who I Am – White, Yo Soi Muslim – Gonzales, Things To Do – Maglairo

Perspective: Familiar Things in New Ways / Empathy

The Sharing Circle – Larsen-Jonasson, Are You Empathetic – Yankee, Zoom In


Birthdays In Different Places – McNiven, Armond Goes to a Party – Carlson, Party – Ried, I’m Invited to a Party – Willems,




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