May 24

Celebrating a Student Art Gallery using Superimpose App

Students in Grade 4 created digital images that celebrate the work of younger students in the school. Each student used a background, art work from the iPad photos, a frame and their own photo to create a four layer image. This was tricky as each layer had to be exported and re-imported into the Superimpose App. Students are developing techniques in masking, editing and photography. Our goal is to help create pride and community by displaying the Kindergarten and Grade 1 work that was left on the iPads. Read more for the ‘how to’.

Students began by photographing each other from behind as if they were looking at the art in a gallery.

I had a few empty frames students could photograph as well as a section of digital images here.

I had different coloured card at each table to photograph for the background and enhance in photo editor. The foreground was the student art which we ‘transformed’ to the correct size. This layer was then exported to photos, and deleted from the app and then reimported. The third layer was the frame which had to be masked to cover the green background and sized. This was then exported and deleted and re-imported. The final layer was the student which was the trickiest to mask. There is a new ‘hair’ filter which we have not yet tried.

Work was uploaded to Dropbox to be shared at our Maker Assembly, on Twitter and in the school newsletter.


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