May 20

How to Paint with a Sphero

As our annual Parent Thank You Tea was approaching I decided to try using the Sphero robots to create some artwork for the tabletops and walls. Here are a few ideas that worked for us. The lesson incorporated art in the style of Jackson Pollock, programming and using the Lightening Lab App and big ideas around showing appreciation, and learning and creating cooperatively. Read more for some tips we learned as we worked through this project.

It’s important to have a sturdy barricade around the painting area. I decided to cover the edges of my storage bins with paper also to make clean up easier.

I didn’t put plastic down under this base layer. Even though we used quite a bit of paint, none ended up on the carpet.

I put down three layers of large pink construction paper. This way, after each class had completed their creation, I simply lifted the 5 separate sheets out and it was already set up for the next class.

We started off using the draw program and had three Spheros painting at once. With 30 students all wanting a turn, we quickly switched to the drive program which took less time for each student to create a design.

I put the paint dollops on separate pieces of card which we moved around to avoid any blank spots. The Sphero’s get a little slippery as they drive through the very wet paint blotches on the paper. At the end we rinsed one off and popped on the bumpy cover for a cool effect in a darker colour. We didn’t wrap them in plastic or anything and they rinsed off as good as new.

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