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Inclusive Resources to Celebrate Diverse Families

As we celebrate including all students in class themes and activities, it is important to recognize and incorporate resources that reflect our student’s diverse families and caregivers. Here’s a list of just some of the titles available at Georges Vanier that we find useful around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Family:

Diverse Families:

All Families are Special – N. Simon

Families – S. Rotner

Families, Families, Families – S. Lang

That’s My Mom – H. Barkow

All Kinds of Families – M. Hoberman

You and Me Together – B. Kerley

Families in Many Cultures – H. Adamson

Global Community: Families – L. Easterling

My Family – S. Kinkade

Welcome to the Family – M. Hoffman

The Family Book – T. Parr

The Great Big Book of Families – M. Hoffman

Who is in My Family? – R. Harris

Divorced and Single Parents and Blended Families

Monday is One Day – A. Levine

Blended Families – S. Schuette

Single Parent Families – S. Schuette

Two Homes – C. Masurel

Monday, Wednesday and Every Other Weekend – K. Stanton


Grand – M. Konrad

Grandma’s Saturday Soup – S. Fraser

Grandma / Grandpa Book – T. Parr

Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher – B. McCain

Nokum is My Teacher – Bouchard

Grandpa’s Girls – N. Campbell

I Help – C. Nicholson

Same Sex Parents

Worm Loves Worm – J.J. Austrian

Stella Brings The Family – M. Schiffer

Daddy, Papa, and Me / Mommy, Mama, and Me – L. Newman

Family Alphabet Book – B. Combs

Tale of Two Mommies / Daddies – V. Oelschlager

This is My Family – P. Thomas

And Tango Makes Three – J. Richardson

Heather has two Mommies – L. Newman

In Our Mother’s House – P. Polacco

Adoptive and Foster Families

My New Mom and Me – R. Galindo

Motherbridge of Love – J. Masse

A Mother for Chico – K. Kasza

We Belong Together – Parr

Adoptive Families – S. Schuette

The Moccasins – E. Einarson

Foster Families – S. Schuette

Henry Searches for the Perfect Family – Y. Walcker

Moms and Dads

Because Your Mommy Loves You – A. Clements

What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day – M. Simpson

T. Rex and the Mother’s Day Hug – L. Grambling

My Mum – A. Brown

What Moms Can’t Do – D. Wood

Bedtime for Mommy – A. Rosenthal

Take Your Mama to Work Today – A. Reichert

My Mother’s Sari – S. Rao

What Mommies / Daddies Do Best – L. Numeroff

Mama’s Saris – P. Makhijani

Celebrating Daddies Doin’ Work – D. Richards

Because I’m Your Dad – A. Zappa

My Daddy is a Giant – C. Norak

Bad Dad – D. Munson

My Dad Thinks He’s Funny – K. Germein

The Daddy Book – T. Parr

Because Your Daddy Loves You – A. Clements

Some Dads – N. Bland

My Dad – A. Brown

What Makes My Dad Happy – T. Cox

Give Me Back My Dad – Munsch

My Dad – M. Auld

Dipnetting with Dad – W. Sellars

For more titles from our library collection check out our Love is Love pinterest board.

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