March 27

How to digitally create a ‘Window to Peace’

Students used Superimpose App, Doodle Buddy App and Dropbox to digitally create ‘A Window to Peace’. Here is a step by step guide to this project and the completed video of their work. Grade 4/5 completed over two 40 minute classes including ‘tinkering’ with the app to figure out the features and a book exchange each time.

We began with a review of copyright and Creative Commons. We will have to do this differently next time as most of the students seemed to surf over to Google from the Photos For Class widget on this blog.

Beginning with Superimpose, students imported the nature image as the background and the window image as the foreground.

Using ‘Transform’, two finger spread to enlarge the window to fit the background. Use ‘Mask’ and the magic wand (lower right) and touch the areas you want hidden. This can also be done manually with the brush.

Export to photos and crop the sides.

In Doodle Buddy, set the background as the newly created image. Background is set on the bottom with the drawing tools. It’s the x and o game icon. It may be sideways or upside down but that can be turned in the photos app after drawing is completed.


Students uploaded their work to Dropbox where I downloaded the file to iMovie, added a title and music and uploaded to Vimeo.

A window to peace from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

Copyright © 2017. Anna Crosland. All rights reserved.

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