March 4

Exporting Student Work from Supervised iPads using Dropbox

In the Learning Commons, many students are reviewing how to export their digital creations so that we can share their work with the world. The school iPads are necessarily restricted and there is no email associated with the devices. Students are able to upload to their digital portfolio on FreshGrade and we often do this through a stand alone student comment and image. This allows students to reflect on their learning and is a fantastic opportunity. However, given prep period time constraints of a 20 to 40 minute class and the multitude of passwords and user names, this is not always possible with younger students, so we sometimes use DropBox to share our work.

Googily Eyes and Book Covers: Learning photo editing skills, cropping, straightening and colour adjustments.

The iPads stay signed in to my Dropbox account so students do not need to sign into the app. Primary students are able to export their work from a creative app, save to the camera roll and upload to Dropbox.

Sharing creations on the big screen gives us an opportunity to discuss our learning.

Before the class is over we can easily view everyone’s creations and discuss as a group what we learned and what we would do differently next time. I then download the images, import as a whole to iMovie to create a video, add titles and upload to Vanier on Video. This allows the link to be posted on Twitter, on the Learning Commons blog and in the school newsletter. It can also be added to the Freshgrade account of the class. We often will take a look at the video at the beginning of the next library period by way of review and celebration.

Learning photo editing and uploading with GOOGILY eyes. from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

This was a quick and easy activity to practise the skill of creating, editing, saving, exporting and uploading.

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