December 11

Gathering S.T.E.A.M – Binary Code

This week in the Learning Commons, students got creative by blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

img_5123Some classes learned about Binary Code. Binary Code represents computer data using any two-symbol system, often 0 and 1. It is the language of computers. Students used guides to create strings of beads that show their initials in binary code. I used Perler Beads for this science and technology activity as these beads are easy to thread, create a ‘tube’ of code and are inexpensive to purchase.


Students in several classes worked on a cooperative project, building a pyramid Christmas tree with rolled up newspapers. There was lots of measuring and engineering as students problem solved how to roll the paper to get the right lengths and for the structure to be sturdy. Other classes admired these creations and painted them green. Next week other classes will begin to decorate them.img_5151 img_5152 img_5155

To celebrate the snow, students created snowmen out of repurposed wall moulding ends. This was tricky work and the students did a great job. Next week we will add a wool scarf to each figure.


And finally, a second #MannequinChallenge video has been posted. Check out how Division 5 and 6 celebrate reading.

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