April 2

Digital Portraits, 3D Prints, Popplet

FullSizeRender-2What a great self portrait. Students used Doodle Buddy app to take a selfie, traced the photo and then removed the background image. Nicely done!


We created a very cool pencil and notepaper holder with the 3D Printer. Division 23 decided to give it to the secretaries to use in the office. Students made a card full of hearts for the special delivery. #KindnessCounts at Vanier.
Photo 2016-04-01
We explored story beginning, middle and end with Popplet. It was the first time for many students using this creative tool and we can think of lots of other ways to show our learning with this app. Stay tuned.

Check out how we used our 3D printed geckos .

Gecko Habitats from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

And don’t forget to check out our large collection of eBooks here. Lots of great titles available. Perfect for bedtime stories.

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