March 1

Selfies and Digital Citizenship

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In the Vanier LC we build Digital Citizenship skills into each on-line activity. Today we began to focus on creating selfies using Hello Crayon App and a full length mirror and we will be discussing when it is appropriate to post a self-photo on line. The activity was completed in a 40 minute prep with book circulation with a Grade 3 class.

Our goals will be for students to become more aware of when it is inappropriate to post a selfie with reminders to respect their own privacy and the privacy of others.

Photo 2016-03-01, 9 43 44 AMStudents created images of themselves and were photographed in a mirror. This activity could be completed by all students as no actual faces were shown in the photos. I borrowed a large non-breakable mirror from the Kindergarten classroom.

IMG_0143We will use those photos next class as a meaningful jumping off point to discuss the Digital Citizenship skills associated with selfies. We  look forward to receiving our ordered copy of Goodnight Selfie by Scott Menchin as a followup to this activity.

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