February 29

Using 3D printed figures to add spark to digital creations

imageStudents created digital book reviews that incorporated 3D printed figures. This was a quick activity that was completed during a Learning Commons forty minute prep including book circulation with a grade 4/5 class. 

This little figure can stand independently and was found on Thingiverse . It was a forty-five minute 3D print doing six at a time.

Students chose one of the books they had just finished reading and photographed it with the Thin Man figure on the cover. Students edited the image in Photos and imported it into PicCollage App and set it as the background. This is a helpful tip as Pic Collage can be a little touchy when using multiple layers.


Students added a balloon sticker and text of their own mini- review of the book. Creations were saved to Photos and uploaded.


The figures are also great as manipulatives

When the class returns we will view the creations and discuss what we might do differently next time. Students might zoom-in on incorporating details from the book to support their opinions, keeping the font simple and large enough to read, using contrasting colours, photo editing and signing their work. Here’s a few samples:

Photo 2016-02-29, 1 36 34 PM Photo 2016-02-29, 1 34 01 PM Photo 2016-02-29, 1 31 27 PM Photo 2016-02-29, 1 29 15 PM Photo 2016-02-29, 1 42 42 PM



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