February 16

Increase the Cool Factor

At Vanier, an ever growing number of students bring a personal device to school. In the Learning Commons we use those digital devices to increase the circulation of books, particularly among upper intermediate students.

There are a number of free Apps available that will create a barcode based on digits entered. We use CardStar but I am sure others will work just as well.  Students are given their barcodes at the beginning of the school year. Of course, if they have the code from the previous year it doesn’t change. Other students will tape those codes on their planner for book circulation.

I found I only had to teach a handful of students how to create the code. New users either asked a peer or figured it out themselves.

Apart from the ease of use, particularly from my point of view, there’s a definite increase in the cool factor to taking out a library book!



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Posted February 16, 2016 by acrosland in category Book Circulation

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