February 15

Each Kindness Counts

imageToday in the Vanier LC we shared Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson and completed a quick yet important project, easily completed in a 40 minute Grade 2 class.

We looked at some images of Maya Angelou and checked out the books we have by this amazing author in our collection. We focused on her quote, “Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” and talked about what that might mean and how it related to our school-wide #Kindness Counts theme.

After we had read “Each Kindness” we shared ideas about the story and focused on the ripple effect of acts of kindness. Students then created rainbows to add to a bulletin board to help others understand our Kindness Counts message.

In a perfect ‘ripple’, two students volunteered to help to take down the existing posters from the board. The RCMP liaison officer was in the hall and offered to help them reach the higher posters. She also gave them a pass to the swimming pool. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about how they might then ‘pay it forward’ by including other friends in their games at the pool. Much like the characters in ‘Each Kindness’ wished that they had done.


I used some winter ‘snow’ quilt filler for the clouds and the board took just a few minutes to put up with pre-cut letters. Students still had time to select new library books.

Next time I would have a bowl of water handy to demonstrate the ripple effect rather than having to rely on images.



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