October 31

Books Take You Places

This week at Georges Vanier we joined schools from across B.C. and Canada to Drop Everything And Read: D.E.A.R.  These photos show the worlds that books can take you. The pictures were snapped in classrooms as students sat down with a good book. I used Superimpose App to change the background.  Attributions below.


Check out more of the wonderful places a good book has taken some Vanier students and staff…



imageimageBackground photo credits:

Woodland fairy via Amaradella, Parachutes via Bjornskolvic, Ballet vis Xauhaunet, Forest scene vis Disney Panda Forest, Rafting via Cdaadventures, Dragon via Wallskip, Palace via Gold Palace Resort, Biologist via NJ fish and wildlife, Dolphins via LiliFarm, Train via PBBase, Polar bears via Intrepid Travel.com, Unicorn via HD wallpapers, Christmas via wellesleyedu, Angel via April Koehler, Creepella via Geronimo Stilton ,Bone via Jeff smith, Gothic bat art via animalhigh, Red curtain via Donta Morrison, Olympus via Antonio Fernandes, Volcano via Ohanafun, Egypt via BadAstronomy, Cemetery via magicalgraphics, Airplane cabin via aero link, Elephants via workingabroad

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