September 26

On-line Safety, 3D Projects, Builders

Beginning this week’s update with a reminder to families to have regular discussions about on-line safety. You cannot bring it up too often or too soon. Check out these helpful links and videos.

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To share or not to share?


Be a SMART surfer

This week in the Vanier LC we began some great projects that incorporate expression through 3D Printing. I am very excited to see how the students are exploring this new technology and using it to create and show learning. We have two main print projects on the go:  creating avatars that we can use for a variety of purposes throughout the year and a great action plan to make our school more accessible for the visually impaired. Stay tuned for a progress report next week.

"The books just drag you in and make you want to read them "

“The books just drag you in and make you want to read them “

The Kindergarten students have begun to show their learning and listening using Doodle Buddy App. The Grade Twos have been designing  informational slides showing the Grade One students how to take ownership and pride in our resources by taking care of the library books.

Photo 2015-09-21, 9 18 16 AM (1) Photo 2015-09-22, 11 28 33 AM CPrr3RuVAAABufu IMG_0498

Some Grade 1 classes have been using different building materials to re-create our READ sign. Their job was to work co-operatively in a group. Nice work!


And finally, thank you to all of the students who participated in the “Identify the Illustration” contest. The answers are now posted in the hallway. Congratulations to our winners. Here are a few of the prizes awarded.



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