September 12

Lights, Camera, Action!

We are getting ready for an exciting year in the Learning Commons with a movie making theme. Students will be showing their learning through digital art and video. The LC will be featuring some great  “Books before they were Movies” and we will be building, designing and creating to show our learning.


This week we have been experimenting with our 3D printer and we have made some useful items for our school. We found a bottle of bubble soap in the storage room and printed some wands, Mrs. Pulvers needed a 12 sided dice for a literacy game and we printed a spool to store charger cables.


The first LC contest of the year will begin next week and as usual there will be lots of great book prizes. Check out the display outside the LC and see if you can figure out which 10 books the illustrations are from. See Ms. Crosland for an entry form.


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