May 23

Making Patterns, Settings and Butterflies

Parent Appreciation Tea in the Learning Commons

IMG_8394So much building and making and problem solving this week in the Learning Commons.

Students in Kindergarten used shapes to show their learning about setting. Some Grade 1 students showed learning about shapes and symmetry using Hello Crayon and their knowledge of butterflies.

And some intermediate students problem solved how to get the whole class to organize pinecones and coloured paper into one unified pattern. We also photographed our stuffed toys and turned them into readers.

IMG_8364 IMG_8367

Students were given a problem solving task involving patterning and collaboration. They figured out how to arrange the colours but they each focused on their own patterns with the pinecones.  After thinking about the project, students realized they need to work together to complete the task.

After lots of trial and error, students agreed on a pattern (upright /sideways/space). It was a great way to show the power of collaboration.

IMG_8368 IMG_8376

And check out the butterfly art. Students used their knowledge of shapes to create patterns in the wings. Great work!



And finally, look at these super stuffed readers.


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