April 18

Zoomy Digital Microscope, Deconstruction and Fair Winners


In the Learning Commons we shared a great story about the changing seasons called ‘And Then It’s Spring’ by Julie Fogliano. We examined some signs of spring with our cool Zoomy Digital Microscope and took a close look at the dandelions growing in the playground. We examined roots, pollen and petals of a variety of spring plants.


We also started to deconstruct an old CD/Cassette player to see if we could get a better understanding of how it worked. Our plan is to use the parts we salvage to design a knight’s suit of armour. We learned that different shapes of screwdrivers have special names and we soon figured out that those screws can be tricky to take out. We used team work to just about open the case and peek inside. We problem solved what went well with the activity and what didn’t go so well. To be continued…


And what a fun time we all had at the Book Fair! There were lots of great books and we were able to choose many to add to our library collection. Here’s a few of the new titles. We also raised some funds to support Learning Commons initiatives as well as order additional titles. And, 25 book prizes were awarded.  Yahoo!

Next week we will be starting our ‘Stuff the Learning Commons’ activity. Let’s see if we can stuff the LC with warm fuzzies! Students are invited bring in a plush toy to display in the library. We will have the toys at school for about 2 weeks. Please label with masking tape with student name and division. No sentimental favourites just in case! (And we don’t really have space for the fair ground style giant stuffies) This activity helps students create ownership of the space and students will be creating videos with the toys.

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