April 5

Photography Club: Eyebombing, Evaluating Apps, Blogging

This week in the Learning Commons students began to develop some new skills in photography. Students were given the digital camera to explore outside and search for items they could turn into faces. We will be uploading these to the iPads and digitally manipulating them to create different effects. Here are a couple of great pics.

IMG_0026 IMG_0025

We also added unique characters to our photography using picture book covers. Some students also experimented with colour filters.

Eyebombing picture books from crosland_a

Eyebombing books div 9 from crosland_a

We also gathered together several of our castle creations and are beginning to look critically at the apps we used. Students are looking at what the learning outcomes of the projects are and figuring out if their choice of app helped them to effectively show their learning.

Critical thinking: Matching the app to the task from crosland_a

And we blogged some screenshots of our videos here

And finally, the Book Fair begins next week and runs from Thursday April 9th to Wednesday April 15th. We are excited to add to our library collection, so if you see any books that might be great for our library please let me know. The fair will be open in the morning for parents and caregivers and their children, throughout the day for students and after school for everyone. I hope to close the fair by 3:15 most days so come early for the best selection. Thank you for the support and see you in the Learning Commons!


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