February 7

Designing Castles, Classroom Trophies, Global Play Day, Our Love Wall

This week in the Learning Commons we have been showing what we have learned about castle design and structure. Students included features such as a keep, arrow slits, crenellations, a gatehouse and a well in their creations. Next we will be looking at designing castles in more detail to include features of medieval life. Check out this great video showing their work.

Structures: Castle Design by Georges Vanier Students from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

The #KindnessCounts trophy in the LC has been a great success. Each class now has their own ‘designer’ trophy or rosette to help continue thinking about kindness in the classroom.


We participated in Global School Play Day on Feb 4th. Students created, shared, problem solved, imagined, laughed, deciphered, communicated, were kind and cleaned up together. Read more about it here



Our ‘What Do You Love?’ wall is beginning to take shape. Students are asked to contribute by thinking about, ‘What makes your heart sing?’, ‘What brings you joy?’ The answers are wonderful. Come on by the LC for a marker and help celebrate the things and people we love.




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