November 8

Celebrating Books and Terrific Student Leaders

Yahoo! What a wonderful week we had in the Learning Commons. It was super to see so many families visiting the LC and helping to get their children excited about reading. Thank you very much to all those that came by to help support our fair. I was so excited to see students recommend new titles. All the books that students suggested were purchased for our library.
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Students learned so much about organizing equitable schedules, customer service, counting out money and making change – so much math! Students were responsible for arriving on time (sometimes early in the morning), tidying the fair, greeting visitors, helping younger students, assisting parents in finding books from the flyers, dressing Clifford and ensuring the wearer had guides and sign holders. I was so impressed with the commitment of our students. The more work and responsibility they were given, the happier they seemed. Well done! Check out our video…

60 seconds of Book Fair Fun from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

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