January 21

What Does the Fox Say? Stamp Club, ColarMix App

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This week in the Vanier Learning Commons, the Natural Disasters Club used a web-based program called Today’s Meet to demonstrate their learning about the Japanese Tsunami. It’s a great way to assess student comprehension of the novel and a fun way to share ideas. Check it out at Todaysmeet.com.

The stamp club also met again this week and we will get together again on Wednesday at lunch in the Learning Commons. We are using the iPads to help us figure out where the stamps are from. If you have an album from last year, please bring it. Albums supplied free for new members. Lots of great free stamps so come on by. Open to Divisions 1 – 12.

We celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year with a new 3D image creator using the ColarMix App. The Year of the Horse was celebrated with a horse carousel which, when viewed through the app, made the student’s creations move in 3D. Kindergarten students also experimented with a Sock Puppet App to share some of our learning about Pirates. All of our videos may be viewed on the Learning Commons Vimeo channel.

Kindergarten and Grade 2/3 classes helped to create a video featuring a new book. We read and danced to ‘What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis and illustrated by Svein Nyhus. We thought the pictures of the fox were great. We also learned some facts about foxes. Check out our video.

What does the Fox Say? (or, The Read Aloud Everyone Wanted to Read) from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

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