November 12

Pre School Library / Extreme Weather Text Features

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Families in the Georges Vanier community are now able to access new books for Pre-Schoolers! We have a new library of excellent books for sharing with the little ones in your family. The children do not have to be enrolled in Strong Start or the Day Care to use this library. This is a free program. Student leaders or Ms. Crosland will be available at lunch time to assist families with borrowing books. We hope that soon, families will sign out the books independently. Just put your name on a card, take out the picture card from the back of the book and put both cards in the sleeve on the wall. Easy. Take as many as four at a time, bring them back, and get four more. Books are a perfect excuse to cuddle your little ones and share a story. If you enjoy the little library, please tell your neighbours in our community and let’s get the pre-schoolers enjoying books at home.

Text Features and Tellagami from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

Division 8 at Georges Vanier Elementary School used the Tellagami App to explain how text features help to understand information about Extreme Weather.

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